Kangieko 2016

It’s a new year and that means it’s time to push your judo training to new levels with Kangieko! Kangieko is a long standing judo tradition of midwinter intense training lasting 10 days.  The goal is to make it as many training days as possible and push your mind and body to new levels.  Here in Portland we have an additional tradition traveling to other dojos in the Portland area and joining them.  So here’s the schedule of the coming 10 days of training.

1/21  6:30 pm Shudokan

1/22  6:30 pm Seiwakan

1/23  9:30 am Seiwakan

1/24 10:00 pm Shudokan

1/25  6:30 pm Portland Judo

1/26  6:30 pm Ojukan

1/27  6:30 pm Seiwakan

1/28  6:30 pm Ojukan

1/29  6:30 pm Shudokan

1/30  9:30 am Seiwakan

1/31 12:00 pm Seiwakan and potluck

Hope you see everyone tomorrow and the rest of week!  Here’s to a good winter training!

Fall Cleaning

It’s that time of year again, the Sellwood Community Center is having it’s annual cleaning.  This means all evening judo classes will be canceled from 8/3 to 8/7.  However, our good friends over at Shudokan have invited to there place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.   Don’t know where that is? No problem, we’ll have car pools leaving from Sellwood CC at 6 on all three of those days.

It’s been hot out there so every drink plenty of water and see you at practice.

Black belt promotions and Shudokan in NW Yudanshakai!

Seiwakan has some new black belt promotions this week and our good friends over at Shudokan are now officially part of NW Yudanshakai!  Here’s our new black belts.

Yondan:    Michael Daglen

Sandan:    Will Moye

Nidan:       Martin Skoviera

Shodan:    Rupert Smith and Joseph Katz-Wigmore

Next time you see them give them a congratulations and good throw, and yes that does mean everyone at Shudokan!

Grants Pass 22nd Annual Judo Tournament

Grants Pass is hosting it’s 22nd annual tournament.  It is several days away so no better time then the present to start practicing.  Here’s some basic information for all those wishing to attend.

Location: North Valley High School, 6741 Monument Dr. Grants Pass, Oregon

Time:     Weigh in: 8am to 10am
Tournament start: 11am

Entry: $25 dollars, all ages welcome and blue gi are not required.

Here’s the release/entry from ease of access.Tournament Package

2nd Annual Pacific Kata Tournament

The 2nd Annual Pacific Northwest Kata Championship is just around the corner!  If you didn’t join us last time, join us this year for all the fun.  Here the specifics anyone who’s looking to take part should know.

Location: Seiwakan Dojo at Sellwood Community Center, 1436 SE Spokane Street, Portland Oregon.

Date: March 7, 2015 1:00 p.m.

Eligibility: All ages and all ranks are welcome to compete.

Entry Fee: $25 per person (includes: workshop, lunch and presentation of one kata)
$35 per person (if presenting 2 kata)
+$5 for each additional kata after the second (with a limit of presenting 5 kata)

Presentable Kata: Nage no Kata, Katame no Kata, Ju no Kata, Kodokan Goshinjutsu, and Kime no Kata.

For more information please here 2nd PNW Kata Championship.  Hope to see everyone there!

Obukan Tournament

Our friends at Obukan are hosting a tournament on Sunday January the 11th.  Brown and black belts are encouraged to compete.

Location: Peninsula Park Community Center, 700 N. Rosa Parks Way
Portland. OR 97217

Eligibility: Current USJA, USJF or USA Judo cards will be required for all competitors.

Divisions: There will be three divisions in this tournament:
Brown belt division
Black belt division A (Shodan to Sandan)
Black belt division B (Yodan and up)

Website: Obukan website is here for more information.

Happy New Year, everyone!

New rules

IJF has posted new rules for competitions and kata competitions.  These have been added to the links page for anyone that was to take a look.  Anyone thinking of competing should take a look at what’s new.

Here’s the links anyways, they’re good for all of us.

IJF Rules
IJF Kata

Holiday Closures.

Here are the upcoming closures for the holiday season.

Wednesday 12/24 (all day)

Thursday 12/25 (all day)

Wednesday 12/31 (after 6 pm)

Thursday 1/1/2015

Have a happy and enjoyable holiday season and New Years!