1st annual Pacific Northwest Kata Championships


The first annual Pacific Northwest Kata Championships will be held in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, May 17, 2014. The tournament will be preceded by a Kime no Kata clinic,  with competition starting at 1 p.m.  There will be competition in Nage no Kata, Katame no Kata, Ju no Kata, Kodokan Goshinjutsu, and Kime no Kata with  novice and advanced divisions for both juniors and seniors.

The Kime no Kata clinic will be led by Toshio Ichinoe, 7th dan.  This is a great opportunity to learn, or polish up your Kime no Kata. All levels, from beginners to advanced are welcome.  Some practice weapons (dagger and sword) will be available, but if you have your own, please bring them.

Location:  Sellwood Community Center, 1436 SE Spokane Street, Portland, Oregon

Please pre-register on line here: Online registration

Click here for the registration and information packet (no mail-ins, physical forms and payments will be turned in at the tournament site)

1st Annual PNW Kata Tournament