New rules

IJF has posted new rules for competitions and kata competitions.  These have been added to the links page for anyone that was to take a look.  Anyone thinking of competing should take a look at what’s new. Here’s the links … Continue reading

Dojo closed on 11/5-11/6

Sellwood Community Center will be closed on November 5th through November 6th do to sewer issues and no running water in the building.  As such all classes will be cancelled. More information will be posted as it become available.

More classes!

We have recently added three more classes to our dojo’s schedule. Tuesday: Kids 12 and under at 4:15pm. Tuesday: Karate with Rupert Sensei at 5:30pm. Friday: Advanced Judo with Blane Sensei at 6:30pm. Come join us on tuesdays and fridays … Continue reading

Shochugeiko 2014

Full Shochugeiko schedule: Thursday, Aug 14: 7pm Obukan Friday, Aug 15: 6:30pm Seiwakan Saturday, Aug 16: 10am Ojukan  Seiwakan Sunday, Aug 17: 10am Portland Judo Monday, Aug 18: 6:30pm Seiwakan Tuesday, Aug 19: 7pm Ojukan Wednesday, Aug 20: 6pm Portland … Continue reading