COVID-19 Practices

Seiwakan Judojo will observe the following protocols to ensure safe use of the workout space.

Before you arrive

  • Change into your judogi.
  • Use the restroom before arriving at the judojo.
  • Make sure you have your face mask.
  • Make sure you have your water bottle.

As you walk in the lower front door

  • Remove your shoes. No shoes should be worn on the stairs or in the upstairs area.
  • Spray your feet and judogi with the dilute bleach solution provided.
  • Make sure your mask is fully covering your mouth and nose.
  • Instructors will clean the mats with a viricidal spray before practice.

As you arrive upstairs

  • Write your name on the attendance register.

During practice

  • Leave your mask on.
  • Work hard and have fun!
  • Drink from your own water bottle.
  • Follow all instructions from the sensei.
  • Fully vaccinated students may work out with other fully vaccinated students.
  • Unvaccinated students should work out with a member of their household or with no more than one other vaccinated student.

After practice

  • Bow off the mat.
  • Thank your instructor, gather your things, put your shoes on downstairs.
  • Instructors will clean the mats with a viricidal spray after practice.