Kangieko 2016

It’s a new year and that means it’s time to push your judo training to new levels with Kangieko! Kangieko is a long standing judo tradition of midwinter intense training lasting 10 days.  The goal is to make it as many training days as possible and push your mind and body to new levels.  Here in Portland we have an additional tradition traveling to other dojos in the Portland area and joining them.  So here’s the schedule of the coming 10 days of training.

1/21  6:30 pm Shudokan

1/22  6:30 pm Seiwakan

1/23  9:30 am Seiwakan

1/24 10:00 pm Shudokan

1/25  6:30 pm Portland Judo

1/26  6:30 pm Ojukan

1/27  6:30 pm Seiwakan

1/28  6:30 pm Ojukan

1/29  6:30 pm Shudokan

1/30  9:30 am Seiwakan

1/31 12:00 pm Seiwakan and potluck

Hope you see everyone tomorrow and the rest of week!  Here’s to a good winter training!

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