Thanksgiving week judo schedule

Wednesday 26th:  Open

Thursday 27th: Dojo closed.  Recommend that everyone practice turkey-no-kata with family and friends.

Friday 28th:  No Judo class.  Blane Sensei is out of town.

Friday 5th of December: No Judo class.  Blane Sensei is out of town.

Dojo closed on 11/5-11/6

Sellwood Community Center will be closed on November 5th through November 6th do to sewer issues and no running water in the building.  As such all classes will be cancelled. More information will be posted as it become available.

Upcoming tournaments in the NW area.

The Continental Crown tournament and kata competition

Location: Seattle, Washington

When: November 8th

Ages: Juniors and Seniors

What you will need: Judo membership card from one of the following (USJF, USJI or USJA), proof of age, entry application, entry fee, proof of black belt rank (judo membership ID will suffice), and non-black belt competitors will need a waiver.

More information at:  


Stevenston Judo Tournament

Location: Richmond, British Columbia   Canada

When: November 22nd

Ages:  Under 20 (ranks yellow belt to blue blue belt),  20 and up (yellow belt and higher).

What you will need:  Current membership and good standing in respective clubs, proof of membership, white judogi for all competitions, blue judogi for upper divisions, and email application by November 19th.

More information at:

Anyone interesting in going and representing Seiwakan should contact any of our dojo sensei.

More classes!

We have recently added three more classes to our dojo’s schedule.

Tuesday: Kids 12 and under at 4:15pm.

Tuesday: Karate with Rupert Sensei at 5:30pm.

Friday: Advanced Judo with Blane Sensei at 6:30pm.

Come join us on tuesdays and fridays for fun, learning and play.

Shochugeiko 2014

Full Shochugeiko schedule:

Thursday, Aug 14: 7pm Obukan
Friday, Aug 15: 6:30pm Seiwakan
Saturday, Aug 16: 10am Ojukan  Seiwakan
Sunday, Aug 17: 10am Portland Judo
Monday, Aug 18: 6:30pm Seiwakan
Tuesday, Aug 19: 7pm Ojukan
Wednesday, Aug 20: 6pm Portland Judo
Thursday, Aug 21: 7pm Obukan
Friday, Aug 22: 7pm Seiwakan
Saturday, Aug 23: 10am Obukan
Sunday, Aug 24: 12pm Picnic at Alberta Park

Also, you can view or print the Shochugeiko flyer here.

Shochugeiko is coming August 14-23

Since almost the beginning of Kodokan Judo, there has been a period of intense training held during the coldest and hottest parts of the year.  Summer training is known as Shochugeiko, and continues at the Kodokan to this day.  It is ten days in a row of Judo training, the objective is to push yourself to make all ten days to test your will and dedication to Judo.  However, even if you can only make a few days it will make a positive contribution to your Judo training.  Shochugeiko is done as a cooperative effort among Seiwakan, Obukan, Ojukan, and Portland Judo.  Each Dojo hosts practices, so you will have a chance to work with other Judoka from the Portland area.  More details on locations and times for each day will be posted soon.