Seiwakan Judojo (a Dojo is the traditional Japanese name for a Judo club or school) has been teaching Kodokan Judo to children and adults in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, since 2000.  We favor a balanced and traditional approach to Judo, rather than the strong focus on competitive Judo found in most Dojo today.  At Seiwakan you can do Judo for sport, as an interesting form of exercise, to pursue physical and mental development, to develop your self defense skills, or just for fun.  Seiwakan takes an inclusive approach to Judo so everyone can enjoy its benefits, rather than focusing on developing a few elite, competitive Judo players.

Jigoro Kano founded Judo as a means of physical, intellectual, and moral education.  His two main principles of Judo are to be found in everything we attempt, not just when trying to throw, pin, armbar, or choke someone.  These are 1) Mutual Benefit and Welfare, and 2) Maximum Efficiency.