Shochugeiko is coming August 14-23

Since almost the beginning of Kodokan Judo, there has been a period of intense training held during the coldest and hottest parts of the year.  Summer training is known as Shochugeiko, and continues at the Kodokan to this day.  It is ten days in a row of Judo training, the objective is to push yourself to make all ten days to test your will and dedication to Judo.  However, even if you can only make a few days it will make a positive contribution to your Judo training.  Shochugeiko is done as a cooperative effort among Seiwakan, Obukan, Ojukan, and Portland Judo.  Each Dojo hosts practices, so you will have a chance to work with other Judoka from the Portland area.  More details on locations and times for each day will be posted soon.

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