Judo Related
Kodokan Judo Institute — The center of the Judo world, in Tokyo, Japan.  Kodokan stands for an “institution to teach people the way of life.”  Many good resources here, especially the classification of Waza (techniques).
JudoInfo — An excellent online resource, now with a redesigned look.  Drawings and animations of many throws.
JudoVision — Videos of many types, from practical instruction to replays and highlights.
Obukan Judo — Judo in Northeast Portland.
Portland Judo — Judo in Northwest Portland.
Ojukan Judo — Judo in HIllsboro.
Seiwakan Judojo’s Facebook Page — Like us!
US Judo Federation Our local organization: Northwest Yudanshakai (they seem to be having technical difficulties).
USA Judo Our local organization: Washington Judo, Inc.
Intermountain Yudanshakai Yudanshakai for clubs east of Oregon.
IJF Rules New rules for competitions, take a look.
IJF Kata Rules New rules for more stylized competitions.

Friends of Seiwakan
Sellwood Community Center — Seiwakan’s current home in Portland, Oregon, and host to our tournaments.
Host Pond — Seiwakan’s webhosting service, also local to Portland.  Highly recommended!
Sensei Sauce — Master of all sauces.
Jade Bistro — Teahouse and patisserie.  They serve many fine entrees and have hosted many after-event dinners for Seiwakan folk.

Heart Rescue — Sudden cardiac arrest is a serious issue, this website explains what to do if you ever see anyone fall victim to it.